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Disclaimer Waiver

Disclaimer uses the maximum care as is possible to ensure that all or any data / information in respect of electronic transfer of money does not fall in the wrong hands. For completing online transactions involving payments a user is directed to a secured payment gateway, Info Edge India Ltd does not store or keep financial data such as credit card numbers/passwords/PINs etc "Personal Account Related Information". Since the transaction happens on a third party network not controlled by, once an online transaction has been completed, the Personal Account Related Information is not accessible to anyone at bharatrozgaar after completion of the on-line transaction at the payment gateway, this ensures maximum security.

We supply a wide range of specialist terms and conditions through and Docular. the latter allows you to edit the documents online, automating some of the more tedious parts of the editing process.

Guidelines for acceptable use of the website are included. These guidelines include provisions prohibiting any harmful, unlawful or illegal acts; further prohibitions may be added as required.

The consequences of breaching the terms and conditions are clearly explained to the user.

Other provisions in this agreement address copyright and licensing, and the prevention of data collection. The affiliate may spell out additional guidelines for the user with respect to registration and accounts, user IDs and passwords, and account suspension and cancellation. This template also grants a licence to the website owner when a user submits content, and spells out the conditions this content must meet to comply with the terms and conditions.

Additional assurance is offered through a limited warranties provision. The affiliate website owner makes it clear in the T&Cs that he or she does not guarantee the accuracy, timeliness or availability of the website's content.

The document also includes standard provisions regarding liability limitations, indemnity and severability.

NB: This document is concerned with the legal relationship between the affiliate and users of the website; it is not meant to regulate the legal relationship between the affiliate and third party merchants.

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