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22 Workspace is a business centre with the community working place with a plugin dedicated offices of different size with all the allied services and community working atmosphere.

We create a culture of plug and play community – where innovation platform, SME’s, startup accelerator, and corporate innovation consultancy come together.

While the new entrepreneurs start getting into the groove of the corporate set up, they have to deal with everyday challenges of the business search for a centralised location.

To take office and get the same furnished and gathered the necessary services like a telephone line, internet/ wifi, tea/ coffee, printing, scanning, security services, CCTV camera’s etc. at the centralised location will drastically increase their gestation period along with operational & recurring cost.

Therefore, at economical and monthly charges, 22 Workspace provides an office place with additional facilities that an office needs. Thus the idea behind such concept is to channelise the resources for their optimum utilisation and bring about the concept of “pay for what you use”. This will facilitate in downsizing the initial investment and shifting from capital expenditure to revenue expenditure.


The purpose of this concept is community working.

It creates a platform where you can do business and meet different entrepreneurs from the different professional background. Every business needs different professional services while starting their journey, like financial advisory, legal consultancy, marketing, website development, the arrangement of finance, human recourses, management consultancy, income tax services or GST related matters, one can find the help and right association with other business partners within the umbrella of 22 Workspace. Also, monthly events and seminars on diverse subject matter add to the benefits of your being in an affordable, social and dynamic workspace.

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